Our Preschool wants your child to thrive educationally, socially, and physically. Through creative learning, hands on experience, music, and more, your child can develop a love for learning.

Kool Kidz Preschool is an educational center with a focus on learning through experience. Our diverse curriculum educates by focusing on cognitive, emotional, social, creative and physical development. Kool Kidz will provide a safe and loving environment for children to explore and experience activities that are tailored to their individual interests, abilities and learning styles. Activities at the school are designed to help children experience success, which will build confidence and self-esteem. Students will learn through art, music, and creative centers to reach academic goals. Our centers focus on writing, fine motor skills, counting, recognizing numbers, colors, letters, and shapes to prepare students for kindergarten.

We believe children learn best when they can explore, create, and use their imagination. We provide a fun, safe and relaxing environment for children to explore and learn.

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Our Mission:

We provide a safe, fun, and creative environment for children to learn, grow, and be ready to enter kindergarten.

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