Found Art Painting Class

June    9-11

Make masterpieces with outdoor materials, such as rock painting, wood painting, and mixed media collages. 

Watercolor Painting

July 14-16
Express your inner artist through the world of watercolor. Learn techniques to bleed paper, mix colors, create textures, and add layers to make your own beautiful painting. 

Exploring Colors

August   4-6
Thru various mediums, design landscapes, make color collages, and celebrate the world around us through colors. 


Summer Camp

Camp Information

When: June 9-11, July 14-16, August 4-6

Days: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
Time: 9-11 am in class style

           10-11 am virtual style

           2-3 pm virtual style

Tuition Rate: $70 in person per week

                          $40 virtually per week

Ages: 6-13
**All classes must have 4 students to hold camp**

Virtual Questions? Click Here

Each artist will further develop their existing natural creative talents, build confidence and have fun too!   Each weekly session will have different projects this allows you to sign up for more than one camp during the summer. 


These camps are designed for both boys and girls.  We have to have a minimum of 4 students in each camp.  Ratio is 1 camp teacher per 10 kids.