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Daily Routine


Welcome! Come enjoy our arrival activity and enjoy explorative play time while we wait for all our friends.

Circle Time

Let's get together! We go over the calendar, Pledge of Allegiance, introduction to theme and letter of the day. Let’s read together! Each day we enjoy a new and exciting book that we act out and animate the book to further explore that day’s theme. We follow a nationally recognized Phonics Program that improves literacy, speech and communication skills. We also use the SecondSTEP program to build social and emotional skills that will help them throughout the rest of their lives.

Dramatic Play and Centers

Enjoy active playtime either outside or inside depending on weather. Pretend with costumes, music, make-believe and more! Our centers are fun and creative, giving each child the opportunity to use and practice what we are teaching, including science activities, writing, and phonics and so much more!

Snack Time

A healthy snack is provided and some casual time with the teacher. Sometimes we read another book together during this time.

Lesson and Worksheet

Worksheets featuring the theme of the day & letter/shapes/numbers of the week. This is the time we further introduce sounds of letters and explore sight words. Using the Action Alphabet, we go over words and sounds that help students begin to recognize each phoneme. We practice rhyming and patterns and further touch on the daily theme and phonics from circle time.

Art Time

Students will learn different art techniques and styles, including coloring, painting, drawing, and more. Students will learn fine motor skills with hand eye coordination. 

Special Activity

We alternate between a special activity in science, mathematics, movement, music, culture, dance, make-believe, and more!


Students will clean up, grab backpacks and coats, and will meet the teacher at the door to be dismissed to their parents/guardians.


Our main goal is to provide a secure and loving environment where children are promoted and encouraged in achieving educational, developmental and social milestones to better prepare them for future success. We make learning fun!

CLASS TIMES for 2022-2023
Morning Classes
9:00-11:30 pm

Afternoon Classes

12:10-2:40 pm

2 Days- Tuesdays & Thursdays 

3 days- Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

5 days- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

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