Building Blocks


Building Blocks


Dates: June 2-4, July 7-9, July 28-30

When: Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday

Time:  9-11 am in class style
          10-11 am virtually

          2-3 pm virtually

Tuition Rate

          In Person- $30 per week​

          Virtual- $18 ​ per week

Ages: 6-13
** All camps must have 4+ students in class to hold camp**

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Obstacle Courses and Games​

June 2-4

Create a maze, a top that spins, and board games. Challenge your creativity and piece together fun challenges and puzzles. 

Structural challenge
July 7-9

​Grab a hard hat and plan, design, and build structures higher than you can reach. Castles, skyscrapers, towers, bridges, gardens, ice cream shops and more are waiting for your imagination to build them. 

All things that move

July 28-30

Learn to incorporate motion through assembling race cars, airplanes, trains, boats, and other transportation. We’ll race, fly, slide, catapult, and float our creations while putting them to the test. 

Kids are already naturally gifted and they love to be creative. In our LEGO® camp, campers will have an opportunity to build, explore, wreck and repeat. Each day will be a new LEGO®  challenge.  While they build elaborate projects, cities, structures and vehicles, and more, they will explore the fundamental principles of engineering and physics. Campers also learn to collaborate and create without fear of mistakes. Each day, they receive added inspiration from our trained instructors. The experience is creative, fun, and imaginative and the impact can be long-lasting.


Our goal is to have our students foster a greater appreciation of how things work and encourage the qualities of problem solving and critical thinking skills.  We want to help build self reliance and self-confidence in children.