About Our Teachers 

We have amazing teachers at our center. We have Preschool teachers, Tiny Tot teachers, Art Teachers, Club and Summer Camp teachers, and more. We have so many different programs at our school and continue to branch out that we want to be able to introduce you to our amazing teachers. We will highlight teachers throughout the year as well. 

Along with our teachers, we also have our owner and director, Cindi Buckley. We wouldn't be a center without her. She is our founder and creator. Be sure to watch for her biography to come on soon. 

We are collecting biographies and pictures of all teachers, so please look back soon as we add more. Thank you for your patience with this!

Teacher Highlight


Meet Aryn, our newest art teacher! She is very talented and is amazing at teaching all ages. She loves dogs, baking, movies, interior design, and being with her family. She has been drawing ever since she could hold a crayon and has been painting since around the age of 13. She is very humble and doesn't like to flaunt the many awards she's gotten over the years for art shows, best in division, and in her art classes. But we'll brag for her! We are so thrilled to have her join our Kool Kidz family!  

"Hi, I'm Aryn! I am the artist teaching our paint parties! I have loved Art my whole life. Before instructing paint parties, I was an elementary school art teacher until my daughter Millie was born. I always say, "if I can teach 1st graders to paint, I can teach you to paint!" Come put that to the test at any of our events!"


Meet Alyssa. She is one of our amazing art teachers and a music instructor- piano and flute.  She creates some of our window art, runs after school and weekend art classes, is published illustrator, and is an instructor for our paint nights and events.

Alyssa Naylor is an artist, musician, and athlete. She has been involved with many opportunities to share her creativity and music at home, school, and in the community. She has been featured at multiple art shows along with receiving the “Best of Show” award. In school, she also received the “Outstanding Art Student” award. She has experience with doing portraits, paintings, drawings, and other mediums. She is also a published illustrator and has been involved with special designs for company products. Another passion Alyssa has is music. She loves to play the flute and is currently studying music at Weber State University. She has received superior ratings at festivals and has performed for many different groups including the Davis Youth Symphony and the university’s Symphonic Band. She also has experience in High School and University level marching band. On her active side, Alyssa enjoys running, soccer, ballroom, and tennis. She loves to spend time with her family and help others.