Customization Available

New this year! We are offering to wrap your gifts this holiday season for you!

  • You sign up for a day to drop off the gifts and a time

  •  List how many gifts are being wrapped

  • Decide if you are providing your own paper or want to pick from ours

  • Pick if you are supplying bows, want homemade bows or store bought bows

  •  Labels- do you want names on labels or will you be doing the labels yourself?

 You are welcome to provide any of your own supplies.


After we have all the information, depending on how many gifts are dropped off, we can have the gifts done between 3-7 days. Our teacher does amazing custom work as well! She can make custom labels, draw or make custom designs on the packages, and more.





Drop off days available 12/6-12/19

Price: $12 for every 6 presents wrapped

Homemade bow prices: $0.50-$2

Custom work can be discussed when dropped off and added prices will be added then.

Wrapping paper, store bought bows, and labels will all depend on the amount of gifts and sizes. See center for more info on these items