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Our Story - A Dream Becomes Reality

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Sam and Cindi Buckley had a vision of what early childhood education and childcare should be and they decided to share that vision with the world. Cindi started with an in-home preschool and daycare in 2002. It wasn't long before she needed more space to accommodate the waiting lists as her dream quickly blossomed into a full grown preschool just up the street from where we are now located. So in 2014, new location and all, they established Kool Kidz LLC and started to take on more teachers as their preschool grew. 


Cindi knew that what she and Sam had started could bless more families and children than just those preparing for Kindergarten, so she began to look for ways to get back into the world of childcare. In May of 2019 they purchased a daycare center, bringing their passion for learning and compassion back into the world of childcare. The atmosphere of preschool and childcare blends well. That's how Kool Kidz Adventure Academy was born. From there, a culture and brand has grown to be a company that feels more like a family community than a business.

Our Community


Our Directors and Assistant Directors
Christy or “Chrissy” has worked in childcare for almost 18 years. She is our awesome Director here at Kool Kidz. She is most drawn to working with children “knowing I will make a difference in young minds and the co-workers I work with.” Other than being a stay at home grandma, she feels she is currently doing her dream job right now. She says “I feel everyone inspires me in some way” and uses that perspective to bring out the best in us all.

Jessica or “Jess” brings over 16 years of childcare experience into our center and is our Assistant Director. She loves all things Lilo & Stitch and has quite the collection of memorabilia. Her dream job is to be a teacher, which she technically is. Jessica is drawn to this profession because “I love to teach and watch as they learn something new.” She most especially enjoys “the pure love and care that children have” which definitely is present in childcare.

Emily or “EmilySuePoopoopalou” boasts 4 years of experience in the childcare setting. She is our Assistant Director and is most drawn to this profession and children as she enjoys “watching them become little geniuses.” She often shares funny stories and experiences, such as: “in elementary school, I hugged a tree and almost got suspended.” You'll have to ask her the rest of the story when you meet her.

Brianna is our semi-fluent German speaking, 4th of July born, crazy dreaming, novel writing, Dr. Pepper Zero drinking, paracording, preschool teaching and Assistant Directing guru with over 8 years combined of teaching and childcare experience. She loves the “magic moment” that happens when she's there with the kids and they “get it.”

Our Infant Teachers (Butterfly Room)
Kaylyn is going on 12 years being in childcare, 7 years here with us. Her dream in life is to have her own children, so for now she lets the kids here be her own. She says “I love kids; they are my motivation!” She is our resident Harry Potter and Disney expert, which is perfect for childcare. 

Our Toddler Teachers (Dinosaur Room)
Li is coming up on 2 years in childcare now. They are most drawn to work with children because “no one is as honest and pure as kids.” Their favorites seasons are those of change: fall and spring. Creativity is a strong point for Li and they enjoy doing arts and crafts and celebrating individuality. Li can be found with a cup of coffee reading anything mystery.

Xochitl just started here with us in November 2022. She brings a huge artistic ability and hopes to one day be an artist/illustrator for movies and books. She is most drawn to childcare because it's "never boring. Children remind me how exciting things can be and I love being able to be the one who can expand their world and give them what they deserve." As you can tell, we're lucky to have her added to our team!

Our 2 Year Old Teachers (Ocean Room)
Jamie has 5 years experience in the childcare setting. Her why for choosing childcare is being able to watch children learn and grow while achieving milestones. Her dream career is to be an author and with all of the excitement here in childcare, she's sure to find inspiration daily. She loves watching classics like Wizard of Oz and Golden girls and will often enjoy a glass of iced tea while scrap-booking or bullet journaling.

Sara, our llama loving, Lorax watching, cherry coke drinking champion has been in childcare for 2 years now. She enjoys working with children and most especially, she adores “their little personalities.” She's excited to announce that she had her baby this summer. She adores her son and cannot wait to experience all of the firsts that come along with being a new mom.

Our 2 & 3 Year Old Teacher (Jungle Room)
Raven has worked in childcare for a year now. She enjoys “being able to help/watch the children learn and grow.” She hopes to one day be able to work with special needs kids. She's most proud of her accomplishment in graduating high school with honors. Way to go, Raven! We're excited to see where your journey at Kool Kidz takes you. She's overjoyed to be the new teacher in our Jungle Room and work with these children.

Our 3 and 4 Year Old Teachers (Rainbow and Dr Seuss Rooms)
Melissa or “Teacher! Teacher! Teacher!” has an impressive 22 years experience in childcare and teaching settings. What draws her most to this profession is her love of the children and “being able to teach.” She's a boy mom, meaning all 4 of her children are boys and she knows the ins and outs of daily adventures and can adjust to the rough and tumble moments that come her way.

Candace brings just under 2 years of experience into the childcare setting. She says her “love for kids and getting to watch them learn and grow” is why she knew that this was her dream job. She feels inspired by her own children because they push her to be a better mom and person. She can be found enjoying a coke and Hawaiian pizza while watching a Disney movie.

Dallin has a year of experience but has been involved in childcare for most of his teenage life helping do maintenance, janitorial and now as an assistant teacher. Dallin is thinking of going into law but in the meantime, he enjoys this job and seems to be a natural. Dallin is a fan of all Marvel movies and is well versed in the superhero world, which helps him relate with the children here.

Our Kindergarteners and School Agers (Space Adventure Room)
Tana has more than a year of experience here in our childcare. She is our School Age teacher. She has built relationships with all of the children, however, as she often fills in and does breaks during the morning hours while her class is in school. She was drawn to this profession because of her love and caring for her younger siblings. She's proud of the progress and growth that have come from this job. She enjoys eating pizza and her main hobby is skateboarding.

Kayla is still deciding what her lifelong goals and dreams will be. For the time being, she enjoys all the “happy memories of working in childcare” that she's currently making along with the skill set that comes along with that. She enjoys playing the guitar and loves to go anywhere by the ocean on vacation. She's recently discovered a new love and passion for photography and has begun her journey in this new hobby.

Our Cook
Dawn has been with us a little less than a year but she comes with a lot of energy. She's most proud of “turning all my hardships into fuel for positive change” and brings that kind of motivation with her to the workplace. She love the “positive atmosphere, connection and loving people” side of childcare. She is our loving cook and shares her passion with us all on a daily basis.

Our Teacher Assistants assigned as needed
Jasmine or “Jazzy” has felt drawn to childcare since she was old enough to babysit. She's taken child development classes in Junior High and High School. As soon as she could come on officially, she joined us here at Kool Kidz (October of 2021). In her own words, what made her choose to work with children is “their thought process and how cute they are. Also being able to make a difference in their lives.”

 has been with us just a few months now. She feels most drawn to childcare and working with children so she can "watch them grow up and learn new things." She had 2 years of childcare classes in high school as well as some time helping her sister in her sister's daycare. Her favorite book to read is Maze Runner and she enjoys snacking on pretzels and Nutella while binge watching "The Office". She's helped out in various classrooms and has been a great addition to our staff.

Our Preschool Teachers (ABC Room)

brings over 11 years experience as a preschool teacher. She felt drawn initially to teaching preschool because "I love the ah-hah of kids figuring it out and watching/helping them learn." She's worked with children and adults with a variety of special needs and brings that insight into the classroom on a daily basis. "I feel like I make a positive difference in the world." She says she's doing her dream job of teaching. We're so lucky to have her!

Marcie brings 12 years experience in teaching settings with children combining 4 years in preschool and many more in doing scouting. She feels drawn to teaching as she enjoys “seeing their eyes light up when the work/figure something out.” Being in our preschool program allows her to enjoy doing this on a regular basis! Her dream job would be to proof read fiction books, which is a great match for reading stories to the children during circle time.

Melissa is joining our awesome team of Preschool Teachers. For her full bio, scroll back up to read more about her!

Updates coming soon.

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