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Each of our childcare classrooms follows a schedule and activity plan to help each child meet developmental milestones, academic learning, and social skills that are appropriate for the age of the children in the class. A center wide curriculum is impleted that is written by our curriculum specialist. Detailed attention is focused towards each developmental domain level. Play is Learning! While sometimes it seems as though children play a lot be assured that this is how they learn. Materials are provided in each of our rooms to aide the children in learning as they play. Both free exploration and teacher directed activities are part of the daily schedule. 

Nap time / Quiet time 

Nap time is everyday from 11:30 am - 1:30 pm


Kool Kidz provides cots or a crib for each child to sleep on. We ask parents to bring a sheet and blanket each Monday to be used for the week and take it home to be washed on Fridays.

Children are always learning and physical play is important in the development of a child. We have 2 separate play yards. One for 3 years old and older and also a toddler yard. We provide outside play all year round from water play in the summers to playing in the snow in the winter time. Our outdoor play yards are an extension of our classrooms with grow boxes that the children grow vegetables in and exploring nature.

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