Curriculum-Based Summer Camp

Do you know what country chocolate originally came from? Which country's flag is the only one in the world with 6 colors? Pirates were considered criminals but what about privateers? Did you know that Australia uses plastic money as real currency? Campers will embark on an adventure through both history and geography to discover insights into science, technology, engineering, cultural arts, mathematics and so much more from around the world as it relates to their own world.

This summer can be the passport to your child's next adventure. Campers will enjoy an in-depth look across 6 continents at 9 countries as well as an overview of 20 other countries, cultures and subcultures. Part of our adventure will include food, language, dance, and music from places afar. Your child won't want to miss the experience of a lifetime! Spots are limited and will fill quickly, so register now to ensure safe passage to a summer of excitement, learning and engagement.



Week 1: Adventures in Africa- Part 1

Week 2: Adventures in Africa- Part 2

Week 3: Expedition Europe- Part 1

Week 4: Expedition Europe- Part 2

Week 5: The South American Experience-Part 1

​Week 6: The South American Experience-Part 2

Week 7: Traversing Asia- Part 1

Week 8: Traversing Asia- Part 1

Week 9: North American Treasures

Week 10: International Islands

Camps run 2.5 hours long, up to 4 days a week throughout the summer. Cost is for the whole program and will include supplies and handouts for each camper.


Young Campers age 4-7 (Pre-Kindergarten and those going into 1st grade in the fall)


9-11:30 am

2-days a week 9-11:30 am (M & W) $300 + $25 family registration fee

3 days a week 9-11:30 am (M-W) $350+ $25 family registration fee

4 days a week 9-11:30 am (M-Th) $400+ $25 family registration fee


Registration is $25 (per family per year) and is non-refundable unless camp is not held due to insufficient number of campers.

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